A plate of bacon, as shown in "The Blimp".

Makin' Bacon

The Makin' Bacon, where Nessie is employed.

Bacon is Robot and Monster's favorite food. It is one of the few things that both Organics and Mechanicals like. The only place in town to get it is the Makin' Bacon, a bacon joint where Nessie is employed. Ogo is the only one who is allergic to bacon. Bacon grows on trees, as seen in The Bacon Tree. Audrey was the  bacon tree that Monster grew. There are many bacon related products, such as Popbacon, Bacon O's, Baconog, and Bacon Coffee. This is the main food in the franchise.

Holidays Involving Bacon


Baconmas is a holiday dedicated to bacon. On this day, bacon is celebrated because it is what keeps Organics and Mechanicals at peace.

St. Vallencrisp's Day

On this day, people give out gifts that may contain bacon. It is celebrated in "JD loves Gart."

Characters with Special Relationships with Bacon


Nessie is the one who cooks the bacon in the Makin' Bacon .


Ogo is the only one in the show who is allergic to bacon.

St. Crispy

St. Crispy introduced bacon to the Organics and Mechanicals to stop them from fighting. Now, they celebrate this on Baconmas.