Game Boys
Season 1, Episode 1b
Game Boys
Production information
Production code 102a
Story by
Written by Julia Miranda
Storyboards by Gary Conrad, Carrie Liao, and
Josh Zinman
Directed by Gary Conrad
Broadcast information
Original air date August 4, 2012
International date

Game Boys is the second episode of Robot and Monster. It aired on Nickelodeon in the United States on August 4, 2012. It received 2.88 million views.


Monster helps Robot achieve his life-long dream of playing in a Pole-O game, a combination of rugby and caber tossing. This could very well be the highlight of Robot’s life… assuming he survives.



  • Punch Morley makes his first official appearance in this episode; he made his cameo in Monster's Great Escape.
  • While Robot and Monster were visualizing Pole-O in the park, Monster's hat is seen floating.
  • Beeping Tones are a possible parody of the 'peeping tom'.
  • We learn that the Blinking Light Factory has a rival known as the Beeping Tones Factory.
  • In one scene, Robot vomits into Perry's car. After Robot flees, Perry get into his car, finding himself sitting atop of the mess Robot left. After Perry bellows in digust, he turns to the camera and angrily states, "I hate this neighborhood!"
  • This is the second episode in which Robot does not invent anything.
  • This is the first episode to have a scene that involves vomiting.
  • It is revealed that Monster used to be a star Pole-O player during his and Robot's time in high school.
  • The team representing the Blinking Light Factory is known as the Default Settings.
  • The name of this episode mirrors a popular Nintendo product, the Game Boy.
  • This marks the first time Robot's heart monitor is shown. 


Man: Aah! My eye!

Robot: [sighs] What a beautiful--['Screams when he opens the window]

Monster: See? [opens the window and screams]


Monster's Great Escape
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