Grandma's Day Out
Season 1, Episode 13a
Grandma's Day out
Production information
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Story by
Written by Julia Miranda
Storyboards by Roy Meurin
Directed by Adam Henry
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Original air date September 1, 2012
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Grandma's Day Out is the twenty-fifth episode of Season 1 of Robot and Monster.


Robot tries to find his grandmother before his mother realizes she's missing.



  • We see two family members of Robot's besides Gart in this episode: his grandmother and mother. His father has not been revealed yet.
  • Grandma is the third female Mechanical to appear in the series; Arpa being the fourth. This episode marks the first appearance for both.
  • We see Spitfire's head separated from her body for the first time. This also marks the first time Spitfire actually suffers an injury.
  • Compared to Robot's grandmother, Nessie is much younger.
  • The scene where the police are attacking the cybermonkey who holds Grandma hostage atop a building is a parody to King Kong.
  • Grandma always speaks in the specific numbers '1' and '0', which is Binary.
  • Toward the ending where Grandma is causing havoc in a section of town, you can see Perry losing control of his car before he crashes.

  • Punch Morley is briefly seen in the traffic of cars that ran Robot and Monster over.

  • Robot's invention(s): Safety antenna ball.

  • This marks the third time Ogo's parts get amputated.

  • The title is a parody of Baby's Day Out.


Monster: (to Grandma) Can I get you any tea? (gets whacked with her with cane) Ow! Coffee? (gets whacked again) Ow! Soft drink?

Grandma: (continues whacking him) 0! 0!

(Robot gasps and stares in horror to find the apartment a mess and Monster completely beaten and bruised on the floor)

Robot: (immediately rushes over to help him) Monster, what happened?

Monster: Oh, it's my fault. I asked your grandma if she wanted to go to the Makin' Bacon. And I foolishly assumed '1-0-1-1-1-1-0-1-0' meant yes!

Robot: It doesn't.

Monster: Well, I know that now.

(Robot gasps in horror to see Monster's backside completely covered with forks)

Grandma: 1101!

Nessie: Don't tell me I'm not cooking it right! I've been making bacon since before you were old!

J.D.: You'll be okay, Spitfire...(works on Spitfire's backside) I promise.

Spitfire: (calling) Yeah?

(Spitfire's head is shown hanging from a traffic light)

Spitfire: Look me in the eye and say that!

J.D.: (picks up one of Spitfire's eyes on the floor)(deep voice) You'll be okay, Spitfire, I promise!

Spitfire: (fuming as she continues dangling from traffic light) I'm not happy.

Arpa: Imagine my surprise when I turned on the Tube and saw my mother hanging off the side of your roof, in the clutches of a howling...(glares at Monster) cyber monkey!

Monster: Life sure does take some strange turns, huh?

Monster: You know, I don't understand why someone has to watch Grandma. She seems to take care of herself just fine.

Robot: We don't watch Grandma to protect Grandma, we watch Grandma to protect everyone else.

Monster: Oh, that makes sense. By the way, where is Grandma?

(scene moves to another part of town, debris and chaos occurring as Grandma laughs maniacally in triumph before continuing more destruction)


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