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J.D. & Spitfire
JD & SpitfireBox.png
Background information
First seen "Monster's Great Escape"
Voice (J.D) Megan Hilty

(Spitfire) Cree Summer

Honors and awards
Age ""
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Spitfire: Intelligent, cool, humorous, clever, tough, fearless, laid-back, helpful, calm, pristine, immaculate, prankster, heroic, determined, competitive, caring, astute, independent, resourceful, vengeful
J.D: Strong, friendly, humorous, protectful, lazy, gluttonous, beautiful
Allies Robot

Perry Marf
Ogo (possibly)

Enemies Bad Guys
Likes Cruising at night

Preventing crime Fighting bad guys

Powers and abilities
Quote J.D: "Can i stay with you guys?"

Spitfire: "You're not the pretty one anymore, Robot is.

J.D. is a cool, rebellious biker chick whose Girlfriend is her equally hip robotic bike, Spitfire. They are inseparable Partners. Robot and Monster Are Their Close Friends.

Though very close, their personalities contrast greatly, as J.D. is more vigorous and is willing to put her fighting skills into good use while Spitfire is much more intelligent, sarcastic, serene, responsible and laid-back, willing to allow her Girlfriend to obtain most of the action, as revealed in Biker Girls.

In the episode Biker Girls, it is revealed that J.D., during her stay at Robot and Monster's apartment after a fight with Spitfire, is a slob as she accommodates the boys' bedroom for herself. She's quite messy and irresponsible, hoarding food from their kitchen and leaving it trashed for Robot to clean (and for her to ruin it once again).

Spitfire confirmed this habit of hers when she confessed how she, after their fallout during the episode, had woken up to see her kitchen clean and in good supply of food for the first time. Although an expert in fighting, J.D. is quite dependent on Spitfire, her only source of transportation as she dreads walking.

Other than being very close, they are good friends to Robot and Monster, willing to aid them in troubling situations such as when Robot nearly placed the blinking light factory in jeopardy in Blinking Light. They performed the same act of loyalty when Robot was was accused of 'third degree litter' in Litterbug, determined to hunt down the criminal and save their friend from a 'slap on the wrist'.

J.D.'s sweet, bubbly attitude can usually brighten things the least bit just as Spitfire's calm, playful attitude is able to lay sympathy and sometimes encouragement to those who are down, especially Robot.



JD is a type of aquatic Monster with ocean blue skin and fin ears nearly resembling her to a fish. making her an expert in fighting such as slamming her enemies onto the ground with her own body as shown in Biker Girls. She wears a pink t-shirt with a heart and crossbones symbol, a teal skirt and black boots.


Spitfire is a red robotic bike with a blue light on the front of her chest. She has handle bars on her head and moves with one wheel.


  • Spitfire has the same voice as Cree Lincoln from Codename: Kids Next Door.
    • She is not the only character to have the same voice as someone from that show, as Perry also has the same voice as the character Father.
  • J.D. is the first aquatic-like Organic seen on the show. The second to appear is Uncle Kuffley in Speeding Ticket.
  • Spitfire is the first female Mechanical on the show. The second to appear is Lucy in Ogo's Friend.
  • Like Gart, Spitfire has four-fingered hands.
  • Like Robot and Monster, they often hang out at the Makin' Bacon as well.
  • In Biker Girls, it is suspected that their may be slight attraction between Spitfire and J.D .
  • J.D. revealed that she has a degree in Chemical Engineering in Model Citizen.
  • J.D. is one of the tallest characters on the show.
  • Spitfire's original name was going to be Viper.
  • In The Super Pole, Spitfire managed to win everything from Perry, even his dignity.
  • In Nobody Panic, Spitfire falls in love with one of Robot's inventions, the only time someone fell in love with one of his inventions.
  • J.D. (and Monster) are the only main characters that are organics.
  • J.D and Spitfires Relationship Is Up for Debate, But it is Commonly Interpreted as a Romantic Attraction among the Fandom.


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