Lev Krumholtz is an Organic and is Monster's father. He first appeared in the episode Hornica.

Lev Krumholtz
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Background information
First seen "Hornica"
Voice Nolan North
Honors and awards Hornica King 5 years in a row.
Age ""
Character information
Full name Lev Krumholtz
Other names
Relatives Monster (son)
Globitha (daughter)
Globitha's mother (wife)
Uncle Kuffley (brother)
Allies Robot
Powers and abilities
Quote "Words don't do me justice!"


He is a nearly elderly man with the heart of a younger one as his enthusiasm is almost as big as his horns. Free-spirited, kind-hearted, and a friend to all, he is the kind of father even Robot refers to as 'the best dad in the world'.

First appeared in Hornica, he was reigned Hornica King for five years in a row, and he wanted that title to go to his son Monster. Unfortunately, Monster lost his horns and was desperate to keep it a secret from his father, even depending on Robot's inventing skills to fix his problem.

It was revealed at the end of that episode that Lev's horns were fake this whole time, sharing in being too ashamed to admit to his son and vice versa. However, both were able to grow their horns back, taking risk with Robot's deadly horn growth invention, thus getting the father-son duo prepared for Hornica, with slight side-effects.


His height is shorter than, or perhaps somewhat equal to, Robot, having massive horns. He has light aqua blue skin and sports a bushy mustache that nearly touches the floor. He also wears suspenders and a top hat.

His shortness suggests he might have dwarfism, as he is 1/2 the size of his son Monster and nearly leveled with Globitha.


  • Robot shows deep admiration for him, even going as far as to call him 'the best dad in the world'. When Spitfire asked him about what he had thought of his own dad, he responded, "not even close!" He and Lev appear to be quite close, almost somewhat similar to Lev and Monster.
  • Nessie appears to have fan-centered adoration for him, realizing how he was the Hornica King. She even trembled with excitement when he allowed her to touch his horns.
  • It is interesting to note that his name and voice actor did not appear in the credits of Hornica. But he was credited in the episode Baconmas.
  • He is the third family member of Monster to appear in the series.
  • The hat he wears is similar to the one Crazy Cousin Gizmo wears.
  • His mustache is very similar to that worn by the Lorax in the 2012 version of The Lorax.
  • Lev has been seen slightly flirting with Nessie in Hornica and Grandma in Baconmas.
  • He has only appeared twice in the R&M universe: on the episodes Hornica and Baconmas.