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This is a list of episodes for the show Robot and Monster

Season 1: 2012 - 2015

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1. Monster's Great Escape - August 4, 2012

Monster is shocked to discover that Robot had played a practical joke on him during their youth, so Monster decides to get even by pulling an elaborate prank on Robot. However, practical jokes don’t come naturally to Monster, and the joke he pulls ends up being on himself.

2. Game Boys - August 4, 2012

Monster helps Robot achieve his life-long dream of playing in a Pole-O game, a combination between rugby and caber tossing. This could very well be the highlight of Robot’s life… assuming he survives.

3. Between Brothers - August 11, 2012

The boys must work together to get their apartment back when Gart becomes their landlord.

4. Safety First - August 11, 2012

The boys make a safety film.

5. How to Train Your Marf - August 11, 2012

Marf's behavior takes a destructive turn for the worse, forcing Robot & Monster to institute emergency pet training. They each draw on each draw on their personal strengths to devise training methodes for their beloved pet, only to discover he may not be all that he appears.

6. Blinking Light - August 11, 2012

Gart puts Robot in charge of the Blinking Light Factory when he goes to an award show.

7. The Blimp - August 12, 2012

The boys want to buy a blimp, but the bacon grease in their bodies prove their combined weight unable to be lifted by one, so they vow to go on a 'bacon diet'.

8. Come On, Get Happy - August 12, 2012

When Robot & Monster discover Perry, a Mechanical co-worker of theirs, always seems to be smiling, Monster is distressed that he may no longer be The Happiest Guy in the World. Robot takes it upon himself to help his friend regain his smile.

9. Nobody Panic - August 12, 2012

When Nessie takes her first vacation, Robot & Monster fill in for her - cooking and serving bacon at The Makin' Bacon - an arrangement that soon sends the eatery spiraling out of control.

10. Adventures in Babysitting - August 12, 2012

When Globitha (Monster's younger sister who has a fanatical crush on Robot) comes to stay with the boys, she inadvertently wreaks havoc on Robot's preparations for the city's Big Blimp Race.

11. Speeding Ticket - August 18, 2012

Monster's Uncle Kuffley, a police officer, is on the verge of getting fired and loses his confidence, so Robot and Monster help him get back on his feet.

12. Hornica - August 18, 2012

Monster's father Lev comes to town so he and his son can compete in the Hornica Games. However due to the pressure of living up to his father's expectations, Monster's horns fall off and he must find a way to get them back before his dad finds out.

13. Cheer Up Wheelie - August 18, 2012

Robot and Monster try to do nice things for Mr. Wheelie to get him to not raise their rent. 

14. Ogo's Friend - August 18, 2012

Robot starts a friendship between Ogo and Robot's nemesis Lucy, in hopes that Ogo will never bother him and Monster again. However, when he finds out Lucy has been using Ogo's parts for an invention, and Robot and Monster must find a way to save him.

15. Biker Girls - August 19, 2012

J.D. stays with Robot and Monster after she has a fight with Spitfire.Robot and Monster are undelighted however,when they find J.D. is a huge slob, so they must get the two back together.

16. The Prince of Scamtown - August 19, 2012

Monster starts giving away all the money Robot gives him to pay bills to a strange person who goes by "The Prince of Scamtown".

17. Pinball Wizard - August 19, 2012

Monster starts playing a game called "Pinball", in which a player throws spiked balls at an assistant. This causes things to turn around as Robot must now be Monster's guinea pig.

18. Speak Marf Speak - August 19, 2012

Robot invents a device that translates Marf's language into speech, however things get out of hand when Marf is finally able to reveal his evil plans.

19. Security Risk - August 25, 2012

The guys' apartment gets robbed, so Robot designs a hazardous security system.

20. Ogo's Birthday - August 25, 2012

In an attempt to avoid their annoying neighbor, Ogo's, birthday party, Robot & Monster visit the city's Sewage Treatment Plant - a surprisingly wondrous theme park full of amazing attractions.

21. Doctor? No! - August 25, 2012

After Robot gets bitten by Marf, Monster urges him to see a doctor, as their is a possibility Robot may have received Robies. But due to his stubborness and childhood trauma, Robot refuses, his initial fear of doctors far too much for him to conquer. However, as symptoms worsen, Robot must decide whether to face his childhood fear or suffer the final phase of his disease...

22. Monster Invention - August 25, 2012

When Monster's head-scratching invention turns into an overnight success, Robot becomes determined to invent something even more successful.

23. Litterbug - September 1, 2012

Robot gets accused of littering, and Monster wants to argue the case in court.

24. Model Citizen - September 1, 2012

Robot becomes a model, and has to make a choice between his friends, or fame.

25. Grandma's Day Out - September 1, 2012

Robot tries to find his grandmother before his mother realizes she's missing.

26. Spare Robot - September 1, 2012

Robot creates a duplicate of himself so that he can get out of work.

27. Apartment 3 1/2 - September 8, 2012

Monster has an imaginary friend, which makes Robot question Monster's sanity.

28. Don't! Walk! - September 8, 2012

Monster's walking license is revoked, forcing him to take a test on pedestrian rules..

29. Li'l Lugnuts - September 15, 2012

Robot discovers that Monster's childhood idol is really a criminal and finds both him and Monster dragged into the ex-children's show star's crimes.

30. Letterology - September 15, 2012

After studying the newest pseudoscience known as Letterology, Monster fears a disaster awaits Robot if he falls asleep.

31. The Party - September 22, 2012

Robot has an elegant family party to attend, but he can't tell his eccentric cousin about it.

32. First Impressions - September 22, 2012

Robot bottles Monster's charm to use on himself so he can make a good first impression on the famous inventor, Sir Cranklin.

33. Game On - September 26, 2012

Robot and Monster appear on a game show, where they face off against J.D. and Spitfire.

34. Bad News Baconeers - September 26, 2012

Robot and Monster volunteer to coach Globitha's youth Pole-O team, the Baconeers, but when Robot learns that Gart has a team of his own, he takes their training too far.

35. Anger Management - October 13, 2012

When Robot notices that Monster's constant bottling of anger is making him revert to 'sleep-raging' at night, he enrolls them both in an anger management class in hopes of helping his best friend become more assertive.

36. Family Business - October 13, 2012

Feeling his family will never be 'his family', Robot immediately takes the offer of working for the Blinking Lights Factory's rival's owner, who plans to use him to reveal the secret formula for blinking lights.

37. The Bacon Tree - October 27, 2012

Robot and Monster plant a bacon tree in order to stockpile bacon, but Monster nurtures the tree too well and it comes to life.

38. The Dark Night - October 27, 2012

When Robot and Monster come across a loose cybermonkey, Monster immediately befriends it, resulting in having the creature live in their apartment, which proves much difficulty for Robot.

39. The Package - November 3, 2012

In need of making some extra money in order to buy a color-defined Tube, Robot and Monster deliver a mysterious package to some shady people.

40. Ogo's Cool - November 3, 2012

Robot's Cool Ray turns Ogo into a popular person. However Robot and Monster become so obsessed with Ogo, it actually drives him crazy.

41. Super Pole - November 10, 2012

Monster and Robot root for teams in Pole-O. Robot tells Monster to smack talk and he goes a little overboard...

42. Boomerang - November 10, 2012

Gart uses Robot to avoid Crikey. Robot wants revenge but Monster says "Karma" will get Gart. Monster spends all day trying to prove Karma exists but only gets the opposite of what he wants.

43. Baconmas - December 8, 2012

Tensions run high when both Robot's and Monster's families are invited to spend Baconmas at their apartment.

44. Dirty Money - December 26, 2013 (Nicktoons)

Robot and Monster argue about what to do with money they found on the ground.

45. What J.D. Wants - December 26, 2013 (Nicktoons)

Robot and Monster compete to try and impress J.D. to see who can win her over.

46. Monster Hit - July 19, 2014 (Nicktoons)

Robot and Monster become a musical success when Robot's invention creates a catchy song for Monster to perform.

47. J.D. Loves Gart - February 14, 2015 (Nicktoons) [1]

Robot tries to reveal Gart's true character to J.D.

48. Misery Date - Febrary 14, 2015 (Nicktoons) [2]

Robot is forced to be Globitha's date to the school dance.

Unscheduled episodes

This section contains episodes with unconfirmed airdates. They will be added to the main episode list when their airdates are confirmed. However, these episodes have been released on DVD on November 11, 2014 and they have been released at other countries.

A Better Marftrap

Robot and Monster recount on how they got their pet Marf: They found a mysterious mechanical creature living in the wall of their apartment, which they named Marf and made their pet.

Monster Lie

Robot and Monster lie to Perry that his homemade cologne smells good. To keep up the lie, they must continue to buy and wear the cologne no matter how much it makes them stink. 

Season 2: Scrapped

Dave Pressler confirmed on his blog that Robot and Monster was possibly renewed for a second season with 14 episodes in August 2011. However, due to the show's move to Nicktoons in December 2013 (which is considered a Nicktoons burial site) and no mention of the show in recent upfronts, the 2nd season was scrapped.

There are only two episodes confirmed:

In the half-hour Season Premiere, we discover why Robot's father, Bricklin, was absent during the series. After founding the Blinking Light Factory, he was somehow captured by Blimp Pirates, who are none other than pirates who used Blimps instead of Pirate Ships. Robot later attempts to reunite with his Father.

This episode was revealed on February 12, 2014, when someone asked Dave about the absence of Robot's Father.

Robot and Monster try to get Marf to be purebred, in order to compete in The Prince of Scamtown's purebred pet competition.

The announcement

"Here we go, right now the listings are showing Robot And Monster on Nickelodeon at 11AM on the West coast and 8am on the East coast this Sat Aug 4th.

I have received a couple inquiries about the rumor that Robot and Monster was cancelled while in production, or "Pink Slipped" before we even premiered. The good news is none of that is true. Robot & Monster was actually picked up for 14 new episodes that would launch a second season in Aug of 2011. The whole team got really busy, keeping the work going on the first season episodes and creating 14 new ones.

R&M was slated to air in fall of 2011, that got pushed back to Jan 2012. As we went into the holiday break We were hearing that there might be a hold put on second season production, but we would keep moving forward on season one as planned. When we all came back after the break and got the news that season 2 production was to be put on hold, Nickelodeon was still behind the show but the premier was going to be pushed back again with no conclusive air date.

These two things happening at once gave many the impression that we were cancelled completely. Even amongst our crew there were many misunderstandings about what was happening. That said, the shows were funny, they animation was top notch, and the production was always on schedule and sometimes ahead of schedule. This led to much confusion and as we know on the internet all it takes is one person to write up what they believe is happening with out checking the facts and suddenly, magically it becomes truth!

We wrapped production, with a full first season in the can, and we have 14 new episodes that were written, recorded, story boarded, ready to go when we get the word.

My partners Josh Sternin and Jeff Ventimilia and myself are extremely proud of the whole crew and how the show turned out. This kind of rumor doesn’t really help promote the show, especially now when it’s evident that we are on the air and Nickelodeon is fully excited about Robot & Monster. So let's sweep away any rumors from the past and enjoy Robot And Monster right now in the present."