Punch Morley

Punch Morley Always Scores is a broadcasted television program. The two only known viewers are Robot Default and Monster Krumholtz. This show displays Punch Morley, a former Pole-O player. At first, Monster was unsure if Punch Morley was going to score, even after being reassured by Robot; he thought they were "leading them into a false sense of security," before actually displaying Punch Morley scoring.


  • It is unknown if this show is broadcasted in a monochromatic (black and white) display. In the episode, "Between Brothers," Gart easily can tell Robot and Monster's tube only displays black and white images. Though it is revealed Punch Morley is elderly and retired, it could also mean that the footage is older and was only shown in black and white. If all copies are true, and based on the events of the episode, "The Package," the show is most likely set in a late-1950s to early-1960s setting.